All your results in one place

With ArDB all of your analytical results can be combined into a centralized database allowing you to easily manage and analyze your results within a single environment.

Bring together sample results from any kind of analytical technique (IRMS, ICP-MS, TIMS, etc.) into one (or more) databases.

Once centralized you can examine your sample in its entirety using a single analytics solution.

ArDB provides the infrastructure and tools necessary to create and maintain a well-structured database of analytical results that far surpass what can be achieved with common spreadsheet solutions.


When using ArDB, all of your data is automatically versioned with a full audit trail so that any changes made to your data can be reviewed and published.

The audit log details exactly when a change occurred, who made the change and precisely what the change was.

Data Consistency

With its centralized database and advanced editing tools, ArDB proactively helps to maintain the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of your database. 

It is simple to ensure that all data submitted to the database is of the correct format, or that text entries are spelled the same way (with auto-suggestions).

Client-Server Architecture

ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture so that all of your data can be consolidated into a single server location, either within your own network or in the cloud (dependent on the type of license you choose).

Using a central server allows your results to be accessed easily by multiple ArDB Desktop Clients, allowing many researchers to access the same data simultaneously.

With ArDB there is no need to duplicate databases or manually transfer data between researchers, which can become out-of-date or out-of-sync. 


A centralized database makes it straight-forward to automate backup routines and to secure your data.

Features Overview
ArDB allows you to quickly group, filter and organize your analytical results, making it simple and fast to visualize your data on 2D Charts, 3D charts, and geographical maps (GIS).
ArDB makes challenging statistical analysis simple, with its intuitive offering of statistical tools (PCA, LDA, etc.).
ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture giving remote access to all collaborators whilst maintaining data integrity.
Monitor the quality of your databases using easy to use built-in statistics and tests.
ArDB directly integrates into your workflow when generating results using Elementar instruments.
ArDB utilizes a robust security model ensuring that your data is securely stored and transmitted.
ArDB provides a central database for all your analytical results.
Here is a list of all the features in ArDB.
Overview of how lyticOS and ArDB interact with each other. Describes how to define sample lists within ArDB and send them to lyticOS for acquisition. It is then easy to send the calibrated and corrected aggregated results back to ArDB.


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