The on-premises server is installed on your own IT infrastructure ensuring that your databases is held entirely within your organisation. You will be in full control of the security and management of the database (e.g. backups). With an ArDB on-premises server there is no limit to the number of databases that you can create, the number of records or the number of users (additional subscription seat licences required).

You will need to consider:

  • Security
  • Backups
  • IT Infrastructure (costs, performance)
  • ArDB server installations, upgrades and maintenance
  • Growth and expansion


We are working to make the ArDB products available directly online in the near future. In the mean time, ArDB licences are only available directly from our distributor network.

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The ArDB Server utilises a robust security model ensureing that your data is securely stored and transmitted.

Data is only accesible by users with the correct credentials and permissions.

The ArDB Server uses SSL security to ensure that all transmission of data between a client and server is automatically encrypted (subject to correct installation).

Multiple access levels and permissions ensure that database stakeholders have the correct level of access to your data.

With an on-premises ArDB server you have complete control over security.


With an on-premises ArDB server it is up to you to implement your own backup policy.

ArDB Upgrades

An on-premises ArDB server does not include automatic updates and any updates will need to be manually installed. This gives greater flexibility to only update at a time that is convenient for you. Latest software updates are only supported with a valid server support contract.

Growth and expansion

The on-premises ArDB server has no limitation on the number of records allowed in your account. The only restrictive element is the storage capacity of your server hardware. Flexible user licencing options are available, which allow your on-premises ArDB server to scale as usage increases.


The only limitations on an on-premises ArDB server are those enforced by licences.

Data retention policy

Records that are flagged for deletion can be scheduled to be automatically deleted.

There are no limits to the number of records that can be flagged for deletion.

Perpetual Licences

The on-premises ArDB server licence is a perpetual licence and also include 5 perpetual user licences. This means that you will be able to run your on-premises ArDB server in perpetuity without any additional costs. However, we recommend that you maintain a valid server support contract. With a valid server support contract you can upgrade your server software to the latest available version and contact support freely. However, should your server support contract expire, you will be limited to the last version available before your server service contract expired and only be able to have limited support from Elementar.

System Requirements

The on-premises ArDB server must be installed on a PC that meets the following minimum specification:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 professional
  • At least 2GHz x64 quad-core processor (x86 is not supported)
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 60GB available storage
  • Good network / internet connection
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 must be installed
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) windows feature must be installed


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