ArDB Key Features

ArDB is a completely new piece of software from Elementar and provides many features aimed at improving how labs organize, group, filter and analyze their analytical data. Many laboratories still use spreadsheet software to compile their "databases" of results and this leads to poorly structured data, especially where there may be multiple research groups contributing to the database. When you have already spent a lot of time collecting, preparing and analyzing samples, time spent organizing data is time lost when you could be delving into your results to find if your hypothesis is proven (or not!). ArDB substantially reduces your data management requirements thanks to the great features listed below.


Interrogating large databases can be complex and time-consuming. ArDB allows you to quickly group, filter and organize your analytical results, making it simple and fast to visualize your data on 2D Charts, 3D charts, and geographical maps (GIS).

Use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) multivariate statistical techniques to produce informative visualizations that help classify your results.

Your sample data comes to life when it is visualized with ArDB. ArDB makes it possible to straight-forwardly plot your results onto a map or chart, making it easier to interpret your data and convey your findings to peers and colleagues.



ArDB makes challenging statistical analysis simple, with its intuitive offering of statistical tools (PCA, LDA, etc.).

ArDB supports the running of custom R scripts that extend its default statistical tools offering, allowing you to truly examine your analytical results in any way you choose.

Use in-built filtering and grouping to export your data as XLSX files for use in third-party numerical packages such as Excel or SPSS.



Today’s scientific community is truly global, and collaboration is essential to successful research.

ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture giving remote access to all collaborators whilst maintaining data integrity.

When working collaboratively, there can be many stakeholders whom all have an interest in the data that a research project produces. ArDB ensures that the data is easily accessible to all whilst avoiding issues with database concurrency.


Quality Control

ArDB provides an easy to use mechanism for enabling a full set of Quality Control Statistics calculations and visualizations.

As well as provide a useful visualization of results and control limits, ArDB can report the calculation breakdown (N, Mean, SD, CV and Z-Score). Simply move the mouse over any result or opt to show the calculation breakdowns in additional columns.

ArDB can straightforwardly run a set of tests ("Shewhart Tests") to detect and highlight potential problems. Simply move the mouse of any highlighted test failures to see exactly which tests have failed.


Integration with Elementar Instruments

ArDB directly integrates into your workflow when generating results using Elementar instruments.

Whether performing stable isotope ratio measurements (IRMS) or elemental composition analysis (EA), the calibrated results are directly published to ArDB allowing you to easily build and maintain your analytical results database.

ArDB has been designed to integrate seamlessly into your laboratory workflow so that passing results from different instruments to your centralized database is as simple as possible.


Data Security & Trust

ArDB utilizes a robust security model ensuring that your data is securely stored and transmitted.

Data is only accessible by users with the correct credentials and permissions.

The security of your database is paramount. Whether your database is used for commercial use (e.g. to scrutinize supply chains) or shared academically amongst collaborators, ensuring that only authorized users have access to your database - is critical.



ArDB provides a central database for all your analytical results.

Bringing together sample results from any kind of analytical technique (IRMS, ICP-MS, TIMS, etc.) allows you to examine your sample in its entirety using a single solution.

With ArDB all of your analytical results can be combined into a centralized database allowing you to easily manage and analyze your results within a single environment.



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