Key to Collaboration

Today’s scientific community is truly global, and collaboration is essential to successful research.

ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture giving remote access to all collaborators whilst maintaining data integrity.

When working collaboratively, there can be many stakeholders whom all have an interest in the data that a research project produces.

ArDB ensures that the data is easily accessible to all whilst avoiding issues with database concurrency.

Sample analysis can be performed in different laboratories around the world and results consolidated into a single secure database.

To ensure that database integrity is maintained any new data is submitted in a "draft" status and needs to be approved for publishing by a user with appropriate permissions.

Coupled with a full automatic audit trail and versioning, ArDB is the ideal tool for you to collaborate effortlessly with your global colleagues.


A workspace is a view of a database and can contain any number of Filters, Grouping, Grids, Charts, Maps, Calculations, etc.

Workspaces are saved to the server by default, allowing you to access them from any ArDB Desktop Client that can communicate with the server.

A workspace is only accessible to the user that created it unless it is explicitly shared.

Sharing a workspace is quick and easy and can give another user read-only/editable access to the workspace.

Collaboratively working with your analytical results has never been easier.

Elementar ArDB Cloud

Accelerate your collaboration activities by taking advantage of the ready to go Elementar ArDB Cloud.

While the ArDB server can be installed on a private network (on-premises license required), the Elementar ArDB Cloud provides secure and scalable storage of your database and any number of clients (regardless of their geographical location) and can be tailored to meet your individual collaboration needs.

By taking advantage of the ArDB cloud, you can minimize the headache of on-going IT infrastructure costs.

Features Overview
ArDB allows you to quickly group, filter and organize your analytical results, making it simple and fast to visualize your data on 2D Charts, 3D charts, and geographical maps (GIS).
ArDB makes challenging statistical analysis simple, with its intuitive offering of statistical tools (PCA, LDA, etc.).
ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture giving remote access to all collaborators whilst maintaining data integrity.
Monitor the quality of your databases using easy to use built-in statistics and tests.
ArDB directly integrates into your workflow when generating results using Elementar instruments.
ArDB utilizes a robust security model ensuring that your data is securely stored and transmitted.
ArDB provides a central database for all your analytical results.
Here is a list of all the features in ArDB.
Overview of how lyticOS and ArDB interact with each other. Describes how to define sample lists within ArDB and send them to lyticOS for acquisition. It is then easy to send the calibrated and corrected aggregated results back to ArDB.


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