Elementar Synergy

When working with scientific instrumentation it is possible to generate a lot of results, very quickly.

When this is done day after day, it is easy to see how data management can become a headache for any laboratory.

Elementar instruments uniquely perform all of your required data calculations directly within our instrument control software (e.g. lyticOS Software Suite), allowing us to offer a unique and comprehensive end-to-end solution to complete your data workflows.

Whether performing stable isotope ratio measurements (IRMS) or elemental composition analysis (EA), the calibrated results (with no need for additional calculations in Excel) can be directly and automatically published to ArDB, allowing you to easily build and maintain your analytical results database.

Comprehensive Data Workflow

Sample metadata can be recorded in ArDB before any scientific analysis has been performed. 

Planning is made even easier by being able to define Sample Lists (sample runs) directly within ArDB.

Sample Lists (including unique identifiers) can be automatically imported into the Elementar instrument control software - ready to run.

The instrument control software provides a powerful array of features to facilitate all the necessary data processing steps to output finalized calibrated results from the Elementar instrumentation.

ArDB fully automates the final transition from Data Processing (Peak Detection, Integration, Correction, Statistics, Calibration, Reporting) to Data Analytics providing you with new insights into your data and making your research quicker and easier.

Quality Control

Elementar instruments can also benefit from the use of ArDB to easily monitor long-term stability and precision of your instruments so that you can easily see changes in instrument performance, potentially spotting early warning signs of required instrument maintenance.

Features Overview
ArDB allows you to quickly group, filter and organize your analytical results, making it simple and fast to visualize your data on 2D Charts, 3D charts, and geographical maps (GIS).
ArDB makes challenging statistical analysis simple, with its intuitive offering of statistical tools (PCA, LDA, etc.).
ArDB utilizes a client-server architecture giving remote access to all collaborators whilst maintaining data integrity.
Monitor the quality of your databases using easy to use built-in statistics and tests.
ArDB directly integrates into your workflow when generating results using Elementar instruments.
ArDB utilizes a robust security model ensuring that your data is securely stored and transmitted.
ArDB provides a central database for all your analytical results.
Here is a list of all the features in ArDB.
Overview of how lyticOS and ArDB interact with each other. Describes how to define sample lists within ArDB and send them to lyticOS for acquisition. It is then easy to send the calibrated and corrected aggregated results back to ArDB.


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